Interior Design Courses

Understanding the basic elements of Interior Design is a chief component to getting a job as an interior designer. All fundamental courses in interior design degree programs deal with certain elements that teach students the manner in which to incorporate their ideas into a working area. However, because interior design is a creative profession numerous schools offer creative appealing programs and courses to enhance their students abilities.

Interior Design Courses

Below are a list of interior design courses that a student may encounter while pursuing their interior design degree:

Introduction to Interior Design
This course is a foreword to the vocation of interior design.

Elements of Design I & II
This course informs students of the fundamental principles and elements utilized in two dimensional design resolutions with a focus on utilization of shape, line rhythm and pattern.

History of Interiors
This course examines interior design, furnishings and decoration throughout history.

Drawing and Composition
This course presents students with numerous methods, systems, and media, in connection with drawing and arrangement.

Architectural Drafting I, II
This course is an introduction to techniques, tools, and skills needed for architectural drafting.

Quick Sketching
Students are taught the skills for merging and conveying ideas and concepts involving objects and interiors.

Color Theory and Application
Students are introduced to the artistic, historical, distinguishable, scientific and psychological dimensions of color and light.

Interior Design I, II, III, IV, V
These studies are a series of design courses where students apply their skills, and know-how of various design procedures to small residential and commercial developments.

This course teaches students to engender perspective drawings by perfunctory construction.

Building Codes and Standards
This lesson analyzes present building code demands, safety and environmental matters and regulations.

Computer Aided Design I, II, III
This lesson is a study of computer-assisted drafting using AutoCAD. Students are taught how to use CAD software to create computer-replicated floor plans and details.

Environmental Psychology
This course addresses the intricate associations with people and their personal environment.

Ideas in Art and Architecture
This lesson is a study of art and architecture history from Greece till today.

Building Systems
This course delves into the workings of interior design construction and building methods, including their comparative link to interior design professionals.

Materials and Applications
Students analyze non-textile based substances, accessible resources, and techniques of production, construction and fitting.

Lighting Design
This part of the interior design study is a foreword to basic lighting design theory and the technological demands to residential and commercial lighting arrangements.

Digital Presentation
This courses carries the student into the world of Adobe Photoshop which has become an important tool for organizing digital images for utilization in numerous graphic presentation formats. Students learn to encapsulate and digitally master images and text in various ways that can be utilized to express in either digital or printed presentations, materials and documents.

Furniture Design
This lesson is a forward and general idea of furniture and case-good design.

Students learn through direct course work and practical work experience through various design and architectural firms.

In summary interior design entails more than just patterns, textures and colors. It takes a keen eye with a view for functionality and form. It’s enlivening people in spaces where they work, live, play and learn.

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