Interior Design Jobs

Interior design is an exciting field for the individual who has an artistic eye and a great sense of spaces. However, finding the right job in interior design may be a challenge, in that there are so many possibilities. With recent television programming that highlights the discipline, it’s easy to get excited about a vibrant career in the interior design field, and there are many potential paths the field can follow.


Residential interior design careers are focused on homes, apartments, and condominiums. One area to explore is the architectural firm. A larger firm will often have at least one, and perhaps more, individuals from the field. Young designers who are just starting out may find opportunities in areas where new home construction is on the rise. Preparing ahead of graduation, an interior design student can develop relationships with design professionals who may offer summer employment internship opportunities.


There are many opportunities in the commercial sector for interior design professionals. Some of the most obvious, of course, are those related to the construction industry. Again, architectural firms are an outstanding place to work in the planning stages. As well, the opportunity exists with large scale companies that furnish commercial facilities. The service industry is a good place to concentrate job search efforts, particularly as related to hotels, resorts, and restaurants. Another place to market one’s interior design skills is to those companies that create the furnishings. Textiles, linens, furniture, art work, and more, there are a host of interior elements that will benefit from the service of an interior designer.

Interior Design Jobs 


A talented designer may want to consider a career in design education. Whether with a technical school, a school of arts, or with a university, the potential exists to influence the next generation of creative designers, through education.


With so many individuals exploring the realm of doing their own design, becoming a consultant in the interior design industry provides a unique means of using one’s talents and interests. Considering opportunities with home improvement chains, or with small interior design businesses, the individual who has great interpersonal skills will thrive in an environment that utilizes design expertise in a personal setting.


While self-employment may seem like a huge step, it is one of the best ways to have a career that is as eclectic, or as traditional, as desired. Focus on the type of interior work that one loves most is essential, but flexibility is equally important. Within the area of self-employed interior design, there is great potential for tapping into the internet as a business venue. Information is a commodity in an electronics driven era, and the interior design professional can serve the do-it-yourself client well through a web presence.

There are numerous directions your career in design can take you. Some of these areas may overlap, while some may take you in a direction you never imagined. There are lots of exciting possibilities.

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