Interior Design Schools

Interior design has become quite popular as a field over the last few years, as aesthetics continue to become a very vital element of a buildings construct, be it an office, a restaurant or an apartment. An interior designer’s job is to ensure that all spaces that exist within the building, or are an extension of the building are designed and decorated to meet the purpose of the building, create space and look great. Interior designing requires the designer to have knowledge of materials such as lighting, flooring, paint, wood and polish to chose the best for a particular project, keeping in mind the weather, usage and aesthetic appeal, which is why a degree is very important when pursuing this career path.

A bachelor’s degree in interior design is offered by many schools in the United States, while a Masters degree is only offered by a few colleges. To become a practicing interior designer a master’s degree is essential, so it is usually advisable to enroll in colleges that offer a masters degree so that the transition is smooth. Colleges that offer a master’s degree are often better equipped to provide the needed classes and experience, from the best faculty to facilities that include labs, computer rooms and design rooms. Their are many Interior Design Schools but the top 4 colleges in the United States that offer interior design are:

The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

The Pratt Institute was recently named as the best design school by the U.S News and World Report in 2009.The University enrolls undergraduates into their masters program from all over the world and from all area’s of studies to create an environment of diversity and creativity. The institution uses New York City as it’s canvas and encourages practical work and internships as part of the graduate program. The course starts with a basic design course that covers human factors, scales and structures, moving up to exhibition design and professional practice.

The Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI

Rhode Island School of Design offers a master’s in design architecture that allows students to open up their minds and work in sync with space and systems. The degree in design at the Rhode Island institute is recognized by a number of associations, including the National Arts Association. The degree begins with basic design courses and focuses mostly on interior interventions and adaptive reuse.

University of Cincinnati, OH

Rated as one of the best National Universities, UC has a college of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning, that is renowned for its 90 years of exceptional work. Not only do the interior design courses cover the basic and advanced designing classes but also has a research wing that is constantly working with students to improve and create new design techniques, while supporting inventiveness and creativity.

New York School of Interior Design, NY

Interior Design Schools 

The New York School has been considered a leader in design since 1916 and offers 4 graduate programs for those interested in a master’s in interior design. This includes a masters in fine arts which qualifies students to practice professionally, a masters in fine arts which prepares them for post professional design, a master of professional studies in sustainable interior environments, a master of professional studies in interior lighting design and a master of professional studies in healthcare interior design. The university has a professional and well known staff and work on developing students who can work in many environments and create interiors that have positive impacts.

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