Interior Designer Salary

With the increased saturation of competitive job markets like interior design the salary gaps have widened as the ranges increased. Like most professional careers the biggest factors influencing a salary are education, experience and geography. For a career like interior design education and geography play the biggest roles in a subjective market, where as experience has the biggest influence on the objective market. Where, and if, a person studied will always be the first factor considered when looking at a salary bracket. The number of years a person has been working as well has who they’ve worked for and what they’ve done carries a lot of clout amongst prestige customers. The swing factor, however, is where they work as certain cities attract specific types of designers.

Deciding what sort of an education you wish to pursue will reflect the initial Interior Designer salary you will earn. A less extensive degree, like a two year associates degree, may secure a steady job as an assistant to an interior designer. According to a job like this would most likely net between $15,334 – $34,455 annually with a shallow pay increase gradient if further education is not pursued. A four-year bachelors degree, on a different index, elevates the salary range to $29,030 – $41,425 a year for the same job. These amounts only apply to graduates who got a job through their own volition and not to those involved in internships. Internships have varying degrees of compensation ranging from unpaid interns to very well compensated interns. Paid intern salaries can range from $24,000 – $47,000 a year depending on the company.

Interior Design Salary 

An experienced interior designer salary would be calculated from the third year of employment. Depending on where the designer’s salary began the objective standard places a designers salary between $33,027 – $60,177 annually. This standard applies to designers with experience levels from two to 20 years. The majority of interior designers earn between $29,573 – $44,540 a year as the scale must be adjusted for those earning in the 90th percentile. Consideration should be made for designers who further their education, beyond their bachelors degree, by learning how to use computer drafting programs. An increase of at least $10,000 annually can be expected when doing so.

The third most important factor of interior designer salary is the geographic location of the designer. This factor has the tendency to skew all other measurements because the average can be considerably higher or lower depending on the city the designer works in. Prior to the recession cities like Albany, Grand Rapids and Worcester had interior designers earning an average salary of $73,450 – $99, 770 annually. The final geographic consideration to be made in determining the salary level of an interior designer is who to work for. It has been shown that employees working for a larger firm can earn up to $11,000 more a year than those working for smaller firms.

In essence the interior designer salary is as much as reflection of the designer as anything else. The duration of study, years of experience and location the business are all factors under the designers control. So, should the designer wish to earn more, or less, it is entirely in their hands.

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