What is Interior Design?

So what is interior design? When setting up a room for use, there are probably two things on your mind: whether the layout is efficient and how it looks. These two things are the essence of interior design, the practice of rearranging an interior space to be more effective or aesthetically pleasing. This can be done in a huge number of ways and can be used to show off a wide variety of styles. The nice thing about interior design is that there is no single ‘right’ way to organize things and most rooms can be styled to meet personal tastes. However, it is also important to keep in mind that when designing for functionality sometimes style may need to take a backseat, especially in a professional setting where simple straightforward layouts are preferred. More personal locations, such as rooms of a home, can typically be designed with more freedom.

There are usually two types of interior design, residential and commercial. While the work done for both is similar, where an interior designer creates a layout for a room or building, but it does differ in some aspects. Residential designers often get the option to design a living space from the ground up and can include things like lighting and temperature in their designs. This is because residential interior design is usually a far more personalized task and can vary greatly from individual to individual. However, most commercial designs need to follow more rules in order to meet certain standards. For example, while feng shui may work well for a living room, it likely won’t be well-received in a hospital or psychiatric ward. Industrial facilities will also likely have to keep safety standards in mind when designing the layouts of their buildings. Corporate locations may also be concerned about maintaining a professional workplace. There are some hard to categorize buildings when it comes to interior design, such as museums and theaters, but most interior design jobs fit into one of the previous two categories. Residential, with more stylistic freedom and basic functionality, or commercial where functionality and safety are the chief concerns.

What is Interior Design

Doing interior design work can be as simple as painting a wall or rearranging your furniture. Learning how to become an interior designer is one thing but to become a professional designer, some training will be involved. It is possible to work alongside a professional interior designer in a kind of apprenticeship, learning as you watch them work. This is a good way of seeing the kind of work this occupation demands. On the other hand, it is also quite informal and some employers would prefer that you have something more concrete. Many colleges offer an interior design program and you can even receive a bachelor’s degree studying it. You can also find related courses at most art or design schools. No matter which method you choose to learn about the field, you will quickly find that interior design can be a creative and richly rewarding career choice.

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